Dear The View: Nurses Needed You, Here’s Why! #nursesunite

You all are going to hate me but I want to send a big thank you to The View and send a different message to nurses.

Dear “The View”

There is only one thing that I have not yet heard (read) anyone say to you about your ignorant remarks.

Thank you for doing what I have wanted to do for 19 years as a nurse. Thank you for making nurses band together. Thank you for bringing attention to the backbone of the medical community.

I know why you said what you did. We (nurses) have done a terrible job representing what we do. It is our fault but don’t think for a second we misunderstood you or took what you said out of context. We are way too smart for that. Whenever we talk about our profession we talk about how much we care and how much compassion we have. Even our patients talk about that aspect of our work.

my nurse stethoscope for the view

Doctor took my stethoscope!

I understand why patients talk about it but why is compassion all we nurses can talk about when clearly we have deep knowledge and assessment skills that allow us to pick up subtle changes in our patients that allow us to intervene and save a life? Why?!

Because compassion is what keeps us coming back to the hospital, the landing strip, the clinic, the nursing home, the homes of our patients, wherever it is we work. We rarely speak of our technical skills or intelligence and training. NO!

But the time has come. So I thank you, the View, for your ignorant comments that banded nurses together in a way I have never seen. I can’t tell you how many times I have wished we nurses would stand together to make change in healthcare that benefits our patients. You have done what I wish I could have done so many times in my career.

nurse traction

This is traction!! Now that we have it, let’s keep it going!

Dear NURSES and friends of nurses of the world, NOW THAT WE ARE TOGETHER WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!! What do you know needs to change? Is it staffing? I will tell you what I want to see! Now is the time to stay together and speak clearly to leaders in healthcare and the public and we need to start educating the public on what we really do.

Yes we care and have compassion–that is evident whether we talk about it or not. I want to hear what you do with your stethoscopes! How many times did you save a life with your knowledge and assessment skills? Why do you carry that stethoscope and how does it help you do your job? I don’t care what hashtag you use but here, try #safestaffing #whatnursesdo #howtosavealife and tag me @mynurselife on Instagram and @nurselifetweets on Twitter.

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  1. Jenn says:

    couldnt agree more!!!!! Now is the time to make the change!!!

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