What’s the Best Planner for Nursing School in 2017?

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So, you’re starting nursing school (or entering a new year), and you’re looking for the perfect planner to study with? The best planner for nursing school might not be the same for everyone – however we’ll show you a few options to help you decide, whether you prefer a paper planner or a digital one. What matters most is that you plan your time in nursing school effectively, to learn everything you need to, and make sure you get everything done!

Without further adieu, here are our highest recommended planners for nursing school:

1. Planner Pad

My favorite planner by far is the Planner Pad.  This planner that allows you to plan monthly, weekly and daily and has an organization/prioritization system built in.  It comes in various sizes to suit your student nurse needs (like the size of your bag).

Newsflash:  they also have an electronic version!

What makes this planner so great is that it is so much more than a calendar.  This is a system for organizing, prioritizing and scheduling.

How it works:  The top row is where you categorize your big projects (or classes) with lines for all the tasks you need to do.  Below that is 7 days, Monday through Sunday, where you write your daily things to do.  This should be based on your priorities from the row above.  Below that is a third row where you put your appointments.  This is your actual appointments or class times.  Organizing this way allows you to focus on what you really need to get done and fit it into your actual schedule.  Their website explains it way better than I do.  Check them out!  I can’t say enough about this system.

2. Saunders Guide to Success In Nursing School for 2016-2017

I think “Planner” = “calendar” but you might have been looking for something a little different than simply a calendar.  So, if you have the calendar/scheduling part pretty covered and you really were looking for overall tips on how to plan your new life as a nurse then the Saunders Guide to Success in Nursing School might be more what you were looking for.  This is more of a resource to help you get through that overwhelming time when you feel like you are drinking from a firehose and you aren’t sure where to start.  One of the great tips it has for calendaring is creating a time map.  It also has a lot of basic nursing concepts to remember which might help with getting through nursing school and passing the NCLEX.  I could even see this as a pretty useful guide for someone who is working on their pre-requisites.  If it doesn’t scare you away from nursing then you chose the right profession!

3. Tools4Wisdom Planning Calendar

Umm, hello goal setting and monthly priorities in a neat little calendar.  This gem even has mind-map pages (if you are visually organized try mind mapping, google it and apply it to some of your study sessions even)!  Anyway, I think this is a decent planner with a few extras and it would even be a great gift for a student nurse.  It has all the pre-requisite calendar basics including a monthly and a weekly calendars but it also has space for top priorities of the day.  I love this planner for the goals and priorities pages and the inspirational feel of the whole thing.  I feel the wisdom coming on just thinking about it.

4. Saunders Guide to Success in Nursing School, 2017-2018

*This nursing planner is best for those who will be starting school later this year. Choose number 2 if you’re already in school!

This brand is a very popular option for nurses still in school everywhere.

5. Daycraft “Page-A-Day” 2017

I had to find something for those really detailed planners out there.  This planner is great for if you prefer to have a full page to plan each day down to the detail.  It has full months and room for journaling about your nursing experiences.  In fact, you could use this as a journal.  It also comes in cute colors so you can match your other nursing supplies.


What do you think of these planner options? Is there another planner you found that you liked using more when it comes to jotting down nursing school notes, recording assignment due dates, and keeping track of your study schedule? Let us know in the comments!

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